Not sure if you want a partially lined or fully lined pinch clip or what size you should get, well look no further. I'll explain what each one is so you can make the best choice for your little girl.

PINCH CLIPS - These are the clips used on the no slip design. They measure 1 3/4" and hold well in fine hair and can be clipped into thicker hair. These can hold those baby fine hairs or clipped next to a ponytail/pigtail. Choose either fully lined, or partially lined.

FRENCH CLIPS - These are used to gather hair into pony tails and can be cliped alone or over a pony-O. I use the 40mm (1 1/2"), the 50mm (2") and the 60mm (2 2/3") depending upon the size of the bow. If you want a specific size, just let me know. The large size is recommended for the heavy boutique bows (i.e. surround-a-bow, funky layer etc.)

BABY SNAP CLIPS - These lined baby snap clips hold in the tinest of hair, you only need ONE HALF INCH of hair to clip to so they are PERFECT for infants. .

The FULLY LINED PINCH CLIPS hold well in fine hair.

The PARTIALLY LINED PINCH CLIP makes it easier for the no slip clip to be slid into a ponytail or pigtail. To each partially lined clip, I ADD an additional gripper to these to make them hold BETTER than the fully lined clip. And no, it is NOT the ugly shelf liner.
These are my #1 selling clip style.

The BABY SNAP CLIP is lined in only this option for this clip and hold EXTREMELY well in the tinest of baby hair. Great for those wisps of baby hair. Can hold in ONE STRAND OF HAIR
See below.

Some bows are direction sensitive. Make note that when I say opening on Left it means when you are looking at the front of the bow and it would slide in easiest to the Left side of the head.

OUCHLESS PONY-O - No metal clasp, these Pony-Os will never tug or pull out hair. Available in black and white. Can be added to any of the bows or korkers

MINI OUCHLESS PONY-O - These are for smaller hair but still contain no metal and will not tug or pull out hair. Available in black, browns, pink, shocking pink, yellow, red, orange, purple, lavender, light blue and white.

TERRY PONY-O - Again no metal to snag on hair. Available in a variety of colors, just ask and I may have it. These can be attached to any bow or korker if you wish.

Sample of a bow on a terry pony-O
Sample of a bitty bow on a mini ouchless pony-O
Baby Snap Clip Holding on ONE strand of hair

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