Bib Holder

These bib clips are so useful! Keep baby clean without having to carry a dirty bib around with you.

They make ANYTHING a bib: napkin, washcloth, kitchen towel, cloth diaper, an old tee shirt, etc. You name it! Just clip to whatever is handy! The clip will hold several napkins or cloths at once so you can customize your absorbency level! Much more cost effective and convenient than buying expensive disposable bibs.

You can also clip one end to a lovie or toy and clip the other end to the stroller, carseat or wheelchair to keep the object from going overboard.

Unlike other bib clips, mine is totally adjustable! Use the cord lock at the top to provide a custom fit. Perfect for any size: babies, toddlers, older children & adults with special needs and the elderly. What about if you eat in your car on your lunch break and are always dropping food on your clothes, this will work for you too!

You can also use it to attach a lightweight blanket as a NURSING cover. What a handy little adjustable gadget and oh so cute!

Color Choices:

$5.00 DOT bib clip
Color Choices:

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