Pacifier Holders

I always hated the plain pacifier clips that my daughter used to use that never clipped tight and would slip off. What was the point? These pacifier clips hold really well and are so adorable. No baby teddy bears or bland pastel colors here.

The finished length of the paci clips when attached to the binky depends on the width of the ring it is going around since it loops through itself. However, it is between 6 and 6.5 inches which adheres to the international regulation so it does not pose a strangulation risk when attached to the pacifier.

My pacifier holders are securely SEWN together on both ends using a coordinating color. There is NO glue used whatsoever. The plastic clips are VERY strong and hold on very well. I have not had ANY complaints about these. I'm sure you will LOVE them.

Another great thing about these Pacifier Clips is there is the option to work with SOOTHIES!! Not many holders do. To use, roll the thin loop through the hole on the Soothie and follow the remaining instructions.

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Click on the images to see a larger picture of the patterns available and the name & number associated with it for the dropdown.
Holder type: Pacifier Ribbon Color/Print:

Pacifier Ribbon Color/Print:

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