FREE Hair Bow, Headband and Tutu Instruction Links

Girly Things - Free instructions for a bunch of different boutique hair bows, tutus, bow boards etc. Growing every day.

Girly Things Yahoo Group - Free instructions and sharing of new ideas.

Rockin Ribbon - Boutique bow, knot, clip lining etc. Good pictures.

LAMB - Attaching, securing, stacking bows.

Boutique Bow - Boutique bow instructions on french clip.

Tail Up/Down - Tail up /down instructions on french clip.

Tail Down - Tails down instructions.

Bow Business - Free instructions including bottle cap bows.

The Ribbon Retreat - The Ribbon Retreat free instructions. This is my favorite/the best big girl bow instruction set and she gives you some freebie instructions right here.

Snowball Korker - Excellent snowball korker instructions.

Savvy Seams - Fabric headbands

Written - Written bow instructions, no pics.

Pinwheel bow - Step by step instructions for a pinwheel bow.

Youtube VIDEO - Videos of all sorts of boutique bows.

Butterfly bow VIDEO - Video of what she calls the butterfly bow.

Hip Girl Clips Forum - Great forum with tips and she posts freebies on cute little "hip" clippies.

Tutu_Tips Yahoo Group - My tutu group that I teach techniques and others share their creations and tips.

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